Sunday, December 2, 2007

Saiga 20 shotgun (Russia)

Saiga 20 shotgun in hunting configuration

Saiga 20S shotgun with folding butt and long barrel

Saiga 20K shotgun with 8-round magazine

Saiga 20Saiga 20SSaiga 20K
TypeSemi-automatic shotgun, gas-operated
Gauge / Caliber20 Ga, 76 mm (3") chamber
Length1135 mm1050 / 720 mm910 / 670 mm
Barrel length570 mm570 mm430 mm
Weight:3,5 kg3,5 kg3,2 kg
Magazine capacity2, 5 or 8

Saiga 20 shotguns are developed along with similar 12 gauge and 410 gauge shotguns, all based on the time-proven Kalashnikov AK assault rifle design. These shotguns are manufactured in several configurations, oiptimized either for hunting or for home defence and security use. Hunting versions feature long barrels with optional interchangeable chokes and fixed stock with semi-pistol grip (stock can be made either from wood or polymer). Defensive / Tactical versions are produced with AK-74M style pistol grips and side-folding polymer buttstocks.

Saiga 20 shotguns are gas-operated, semi-automatic weapons that use long-stroke gas piston located above the barrel. Gas system is fitted with two-position manual gas regulator, to provide reliable functioning with standard (70mm) or magnum (76mm) ammunition. Barrel is locked by rotary bolt. Barrel bore and action are chromed to provide better corrosion resistance. Barrels can be fitted with optional interchangeable chokes. Feed is from detachable box magazines, holding 2, 5 or 8 rounds. Standard furniture includes a long forent and either a butt with integral semi-pistol grip or separate pistol grip and side-folding polymer butt. Standard sighting equipment includes a rifle-type rear sight at the front of receiver and a front sight above the gas block. Some version can be fitted with side rail on receiver which can accept mounts for red-dot or other sights.

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