Friday, November 23, 2007

Mauser SP66 sniper rifle (Germany)

Mauser SP 66 sniper rifle

Mauser 66 hunting rifle, which served as a starting point for a sniper weapon

Caliber(s): 7.62x51mm NATO (.308Win)
Operation: manual; rotating bolt action
: 1120 mm
Barrel: 730 mm
Weight: 6.12 kg empty with Zeiss scope
Feed Mechanism: 3 rounds integral box magazine

The Mauser SP66 sniper rifle had been developed fom Mauser Model 66 Super Match sporting rifle circa 1976. It was widely used by various military and police forces from many countries, including Germany, Italy and Israel. Currently some of the SP 66 rifles are still in service, but production had been ceased circa 1985 with the introduction of the Mauser 86 SR.

Mauser SP66 (like all other Model 66 Mauser rifles) is based on short-throw bolt action, developed by Gehmann. In this action bolt has two frontal lugs that engage the barrel extension, which is screwed onto the barrel. Unlike the famous standard Mauser cation, the Gehmann bolt has cocking handle near the front end of the bolt, and the receiver has a split bridge. The magazine is integral and holds only 3 rounds. The thumbhole stock is made from laminated wood and is ajustable for lenght of pull and position of the cheekpad. Heavy, macth-grade barrel is equipped with combined muzzle brake/flash hider. Mauser SP66 in standard configuration has no iron sights and comes with Zeiss Diavari ZA 1.5-6X variable power scope.

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